Letter of the Week – Letter K


Day 1

  1. Find k stickers and put on K
  2. Color and assemble Letter K book (I only printed off three that I thought she’d like.)
  3. Go to library and get K books (finally actually went to the library, instead of using our own books…yay, for finally knowing how much time I’ve got between naps. 🙂 )
  4. Scott started making Lego creations with A — she loved it of course.  She is still learning how to use Lego and Scott is still learning how to let her do stuff, since she really doesn’t know how yet.  But, they have great fun together.  They made capital and lowercase upright K’s, kites, keys, a king (she put all the “jewels” on the crown).  In the picture below, you’ll see Scott’s very nice kite, and then A’s similar attempts on another one. She was getting frustrated that she couldn’t do what dad was doing, but when Scott basically left her to make whatever and just offered tips, working side by side, rather than always together on something, she ended up creating her own versions of things.

Day 2

  1. Fill in K Outline and k Outline with: key crayon rubbings (this was really hard for her), kisses (lipstick and let her kiss it) (other options: kidney beans, kernels, kites)
  2. Song: K Song
  3. Starfall Computer Activity

Day 3

  1. Letter to a friend whose name starts with K
  2. Activity sheet 1
  3. Activity sheet 2
  4. Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Day 4

  1. Kick a ball
  2. Make a K with her body
    This was really interesting.  She did this at first. Close.
    Then I gave her a few verbal pointers.
    IMG_3737I should’ve showed her the result. Doh!  I’ll do that now (weeks later 😉 )
  3. Make a crown and be a King (She said she was a King Queen 🙂 ) She later put stickers on it for the jewels.
  4. Activity sheet 3
  5. Activity sheet 4
  6. Video: Get Squiggling

Day 5

  1. Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with the letter.  Create a centerpiece and display the items.  (She named the dog a K name 🙂 )
  2. K dinner
    Appetizer: Kale chips (Kale, oil and a very little salt and bake or broil them until crispy…but not brown…watch them, bc they can go from crispy to brown fast!)
    Dinner: Korean chicken soft tacos (chicken thighs in the crockpot with Korean spices…can’t remember where I got the recipe!)  with kidney beans and kohl (cabbage in German)
    IMG_2772Dessert: Kuchen (apfel)
    I told her to lay the apple slices on the cake.  It always amazes me how much we take our knowledge of the world for granted.  She has never seen a pie/cake with slices lying on top, so she just stuck them in.  🙂  I started to explain the “right” way to do it, then I realized it was cake and didn’t matter.  It was delicious!
    (Other Options: kettle______, kippers, kabob, kale, kosher pickles, kimchi, kofta, kung pao chicken, kiwi, kielbasa, kumquats, Kaiser roll, key lime pie)
  3. Bible Story: King Nebuchadnezzar, King Saul, King David

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