Letter of the Week – Letter J


Day 1

  1. Find “J” and “j” stickers and put on a J
  2. Color and assemble Letter J book (I only use three pages.)
  3. Went through our library and got j books
  4. Activity sheet 1
  5. Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Day 2

  1. Fill in J Outline and j Outline with: She has started doing them without talking to me, so she drew jaguars in one and wrote the word “jam” in the other. (jewels, jellybeans)
  2. Letter to a friend with a name that starts with “J”
    This was the first time she wanted to write a lot, rather than just draw a picture and have me write most of it.  It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to say each letter, and help her remember the few she can’t remember.  But, it was well worth it.  She did a great job!  (I did send a translation though.  🙂  And as you may have noticed she writes her “j” backwards.)
  3. Jumping jacks — attempted 🙂
  4. Activity sheet 2
  5. Video: Get Squiggling

 Day 3

  1. Made juice — good motor skills work
  2. Listened to jazz
  3. Activity sheet 3
  4. Video: Letter J Typewriter

 Day 4

  1. Jump around
  2. Read this rhyme: Jack Be Nimble
  3. Activity sheet 4
  4. Starfall Computer Activity
  5. Song: The J Song

Day 5

  1. Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with the letter.  Create a centerpiece and display the items. (Jumping rope, journal, xylophone bc she could make a jingle with it.)
  2. J dinner
    Appetizer: Jerky and goat cheese and crackers — she decided to name the goat the cheese came from “Jat” so we could have cheese with our appetizer. 🙂IMG_3327
    Jamaican Jerk Crockpot Chicken Sandwiches with Pineapple Salsa: I kind of made this up based on lots of recipes.  We made a jerk spice.  She made the seasoning and salsa herself.  (I also made some coleslaw…we called it joleslaw.  😉  I made this up too…chopped coleslaw, a little vinegar, mayo and enough sugar to make it not taste like vinegar.)Seasoning: 2 tbls ground thyme, 1 tbls ground cardamom, 1 tbls ground ginger, 1 1/2 tbls salt, 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 3/4 tsp ground nutmeg, 3/4 tsp garlic powder, 1 tbls coriander, 1 juice of lim, 1/4 cup of of olive oil mixed around.  Then we put chicken thighs in the crockpot and added the seasonings.  And added enough chicken broth to cover it.  Cooked it for about low 5 hours…or until meat fell off the bone. Here’s the full spicy recipe I generally used (I didn’t have some of the seasonings, so I substituted others.)Pineapple Salsa (we did not add onions)
    Scott added hot sauce so his was spicy, and we took out the bell peppers on hers because she has an aversion to them for some reason!
    IMG_3328Jelly Peanut Butter deliciousness (They’re called cookies, but I hate when people call gluten free cookies, cookies. They aren’t.  So don’t expect a cookie. 🙂  Here’s the recipe.) (Other food options: jello, jam, juice)I had to go get the baby and nurse him.  While I did it, she finished putting the rest of the dough down and adding the jelly. They were all a little too flat, but easily fixed. 🙂
  3. Bible Story: Jesus, Jacob, James, Jeremiah, Joseph, Jeroboam, Joanna, Joel, John, Jonah, Joshua, Julia

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