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I’ve spent almost half my life working with kids, including a decade as a teacher at the middle school level in the private and public system. My teaching credential is for K-12 Social Science, but I also taught five years of English in the private school system.  And, even though I no longer taught English the last five years of my teaching career, I did continue to teach essay writing and note-taking within the history classes I had.

I chose to quit teaching when I had my first child.  My experience in the school system led me to learn more about homeschooling, which is our current course in life.  Since having my first child 6 years ago, I’ve spent the years learning about different homeschooling styles and curriculum, while doing in depth research on the benefits of natural learning as I changed how I had been trained to view education.

If you’d like to work with me, please fill in the form below with which service you’d like or a description of how I can help you.  I’ll contact you, and we’ll see what we can work out.

I am currently also a vendor for iLead, if you would like to use student funds for services rendered.

Children and Youth Consulting/Mentoring

Detailed descriptions and fees:

Mentoring Services — Three to four goal oriented sessions where I meet one on one with the student to achieve the goal in English or History.  Available for 7th and up. See link for more pricing and more details.

Short Unit Plan — A 1-5 day unit plan that can be done on your own schedule.  It includes one mentor meeting about learning preferences.  Available for all ages for History and English.  For Science only K-4.  Cost differs based on various factors.  Contact me to discuss.

Custom History Unit Planning — A 15 day unit that can be done on your own schedule for 5th grade and up.  It includes mentor meetings with me, some supplies and activities that address all aspects of learning styles. See link for pricing and more details.

Year Planning — I can help establish a year plan for your homeschooling program.  This would include meeting with the parent and the student.  The cost differs based on meetings, number of subjects and how detailed a plan you want.  Contact me to discuss.

Field Trip and Event Planning — Available for all levels. See link for pricing and more details.

If what you need is not described above, please let me know how I can help you, and we’ll see if I’m able to help.

Wayfinder School Library —  Community Supported Library

The CSL is for those located near me (Los Angeles area) who would like to access books for their homeschooling curriculum.  There are a variety of options for how to utilize this service.  Please look join the Facebook page for the library.  It is donation based, but I can also provide custom curated book selections for a small fee, as well as adding book related activities for each book, for an additional fee.  Just ask!

Adult Consulting/Mentoring

Detailed descriptions and fees:

Homeschooling Parent Mentoring Services
Home Organization and De-cluttering Services
Teacher Mentor

Other Ways to Support The Give Way

Wayfinder School Marketplace
I sell books I have or books donated to the Wayfinder Library that I no longer want. I do ship for those of you who live outside my area.

Provide Content
If you’ve done an awesome activity with your kids and would like to share the details in a blog post, along with photos, please fill out the form below.  I will contact you and see if it would be a good fit for the website.

Monetary Support
If you’d like to help support this website monetarily, you can do so a couple ways.

Amazon Affiliate: Click the link, or any link on my pages, and start doing your own shopping on Amazon, and I’ll receive a percentage.  This does  not affect your transaction at all. (This will only work a couple times, as the affiliate program is not about getting cash from friend’s and family’s purchases. 🙂 )

If you’d like to donate directly, you can do so by clicking the link below.[paypal_donation_button align=”left”]

Thank you so much for the support!


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