Letter of the Week – Letter I


Day 1

  1. Find “I” and “i” stickers and put on I
  2. Color and assemble letter I book (I only use three pages.)
  3. Look through our library and get I books
  4. Put out I words (instruments, iPad, iPod, iPhone…I highly recommend using masking or painting tape so nothing is ruined when  you pull it off)
  5. Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew
  6. In about 3 min, I made some ice cream scoops and cones from leftover felt.  We don’t have any good scissors around, and I didn’t use a template, so the results could probably be on one of those Pinterest fail lists. 🙂 But she enjoyed playing with them quietly, which was all I really wanted.  🙂IMG_3358
  7. Oh, and with all this heat, we had ants.  So, a little impromptu insect observation.  You (hopefully) will have to go outside. 😉IMG_2633

 Day 2

  1. Fill in I outline and i outline with: she ended up using some “insect” stamps she had…and on her own, used them to make hte shape of I’s on the outlines. (Other options: ink, ivy)
  2. Starfall Computer Activity
  3. Video: Get Squiggling – Letter I
  4. Make “ice cream” outside.  It was a hot week, so we went outside.  I took 2 toilet paper rolls and stapled the bottom together for a “cone.” We made some mud, and she made some ice cream.IMG_3112

 Day 3

  1. Make playdough inchworms, measure them and chart the sizes in her “number journal.”IMG_3173IMG_3169I made the chart and showed her where to write her numbers.  With the exception of 0, 8 and 10, most of her numbers are either backwards or slightly off so that they don’t look like the number, unless you know they’re the number.  I’m not correcting that though.  I figure it’ll work itself out at some point.
  2. Activity sheet 1
  3. Activity sheet 2

Day 4

  1. Take itsy bitsy steps
  2. Sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with hand movements
  3. Read a book about inventions – gave her a box of paper plates, tape, stickers, toothpicks, box, whatever and invent something.  (We read about the invention of Lego in this book.)IMG_3091


IMG_3098She made lots of things, that apparently also needed instructions.  It was very interesting, because she didn’t quite get what an invention was.  I’m assuming it’s because everything is still so new.  So her inventions were like, a face or a clothespin with a fuzzy ball.  I tried leading her a bit, “What would it be used for?” “Would it help someone?” “What does it do?”

So, she finally said, “This one helps you take clothes off.”  It was a clothespin with a piece of paper stuck to it. 🙂

  1. Activity Sheet 3
  2. Activity Sheet 4
  3. Video: Letter I P.S. She must have let this idea ruminate, because for the next few weeks, she kept bringing up making inventions.  One night she said when she grew up she was going make an invention: toilet paper that when it was finished would just “poof” have more.  Sounds good to me.

 Day 5

  1. Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with the letter.  Create a centerpiece and display the items.
  2. I dinner
    I was all ready to do Irish soda bread, Italian stoup and some ice cream.  But, turned out to be a very hot day, so stoup didn’t sound very good.  And, I was exhausted so Irish soda bread was out.  I would’ve bought ice cream for dessert, but ended up going straight from grocery shopping to getting take out at In-n-Out.  It starts with I, right? 🙂 (Here’s the Italian Stoup recipe.  I don’t eat pork, so I substitute all the meat with ground beef, ground turkey or sausage and beef salami…or just one or two meats.  It’s seriously delicious.  We’ll see if it’s hot during “S” week.)IMG_3176We had very little “I” items.  So, I got some Irises, which she kept calling violets. 😉  Some insects, and of course her inventions.  Toilet paper roll scissor holder.  When I came back with the food, her inventions were gone, because my husband thought they were trash. Ha! Another man’s trash, and all that…(Other options: Irish soda bread, Italian stoup, ice cream, iceberg lettuce, Indian corn, irish stew, Italian food, Indian food, Italian sausage, insects, imam baildi, inca berry)
  3. Bible Story: Isaac, Isaiah, Ishmael, Israel,


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