California State Parks Checklist


California State Parks Checklist

After this last year plus of quarantine, I’m itching to get out more. But, not too far out for now. So, as I plan for next year, I was thinking we could start a couple longterm goals.

1. Get to all the national parks in the U.S. and its territories.
2. Get to all the California State parks (and future goals of many state parks of states we don’t live in…not sure we have enough time in our lifetime to hit them all!)

So, I easily found a free checklist for national parks here. But, I had a much harder time finding a checklist for the state parks. All the ones I found were very pretty, but they cost money. I found a wikipedia page with all of them and realized why no one had made one. There are 280 here in California! Crazy! I still wanted a checklist, so I decided to make my own plain one. It’s not fancy. I’m not trying to win any graphic design awards here. đŸ™‚ It’s just a basic pdf. But, it has the county it is in and links to each park’s wikipedia page, so you can check out what the park is all about! Happy traveling!

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