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Letter of the Week – Letter H

This week was a little crazy.  She was not really into a lot of the worksheets.  I think she only did a couple.  I linked them still, but she didn’t do them.  And, as I’ve said before, I don’t force her to do any of this stuff if she’s not interested.  Apparently, H was not a letter she cared to get into. 🙂

Day 1

  1. Find h stickers and put on H
  2. Color and assemble letter H book
  3. Get H books out of our library
  4. Hokey Pokey (she had lots of fun doing this)
  5. Starfall Computer Activity
  6. Video: Get Squiggling!-Letter H

 Day 2

  1. Hopping
  2. Fill in H outline and h outline with: holes with hole puncher and a highlighter (other options: horns, hay, hats, horses, hearts)
  3. Letter to friend with an H name
  4. Hopscotch or hop on #’s (On the patio, she just made some chalk squares with numbers inside each. I always seemed to be too busy with the baby or too tired to draw her a proper one.)
  5. Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

 Day 3

  1. Play hungry hungry hippos (We didn’t have this game, but turns out, completely by accident, my mom bought Annina a $1 one at the grocery store!)
  2. Activity sheet 1
  3. Activity sheet 2
  4. Video: Letter H

Day 4

  1. Make a house: Cut a half gallon carton.  Made glue (peanut butter, powdered sugar and a little water to make it spreadable…warning, this was super delicious on graham crackers, you will eat too much of it, if you’re anything like me. 🙂 ).  Attached the carton to cardboard.  Provided her with noodles, almonds, rosemary, Joe’s O’s, and raisins.
    I then had to show her some examples of gingerbread houses.  I googled “healthy gingerbread houses,” so she wouldn’t be wondering where all the candy was. 😉  She did this all on her own while I was in the living room with the baby.  I think she did a pretty good job, considering she’d never done one and did it without supervision. (See picture of her finished product at the top)
  2. Activity sheet 3
  3. Activity sheet 4
  4. Video: Say Hello to Your Good Friend, H

 Day 5

  1. Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with the letter.  Create a centerpiece and display the items.IMG_2409We were at my parent’s house.  Obviously, a lot less kid’s stuff at their place! And Scott did the centerpiece, so a more ordered looking centerpiece than usual. 🙂
  2. H dinner
    Appetizer: hummus and veggies
    Dinner: Huli huli chicken, hot broccoli, hot rice, haricots verts (green beans in French), and hearts of palm. Chicken recipe here…I did it in the crockpot with chicken thighs they were delicious.  And I just realized, I could’ve thrown them into the broiler to get a little char on them. Oh, well.  When I do this again with #2. 🙂
    Dessert: Honeydew and Hazelnut Cookies (from Trader Joe’s–seriously delicious!)
    (Other Options: hot dog, hamburger, hash browns, hoagie, honey, hazelnut, hotcakes)
  3. Bible Story: Hannah, Habbakuk, Haggai, Hezekiah, Herod

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