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Letter of the Week – Letter C

This week we were dog sitting, so not many pictures, and not a ton of activities.  This will be a very basic letter of the week. 🙂

Day 1

Put letter C and c (cursive and manuscript) on 12 circle stickers.  Hide them in a room.  Once she finds them, she puts them on letter C outline. (I used printed ones for this, but they were too big.  By the letter D, I just made small handwritten letters on card stock to put the stickers on).

Letter C book (I only chose three of the pages I thought she would like most.)

Starfall Computer Activity

Day 2

Bake Cookies

Activity Sheet 1

Activity Sheet 2

Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Day 3

Color pictures

C Is for Crazy

Day 4

Cut paper

Activity Sheet 3

Activity Sheet 4

Get Squiggling! Letter C

Day 4

Put up C labels around the house (clock, cupboard/cabinet, coaster, couch, chair, crib, candle)  I’d recommend using masking tape and not putting it on windows.

C Dinner

Appetizer: crudité, definitely used cucumbers, carrots and cauliflower (basically means raw…lots of opportunities for helping in the kitchen!)




Dinner: Chickpea Curry (really delicious…recipe here)

Dessert: cake

(Other food options: cantaloupe, cod, corn, cranberries, crepe, croutons, cheese, chicken, chocolate, corned beef, corn dogs, cherries, coconut, cabbage, curly fries, cheesecake, chestnuts, croissants, Caesar salad)

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