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Letter of the Week – Letter D

Day 1

Put letter D and d (cursive and manuscript) on 12 circle stickers.  Hide them in a room.  Once she finds them, she puts them on letter D outline. (see example in picture above)

Letter D book (I only chose three of the pages I thought she would like most.)

Gathered up D books from around the house.

Video: D Is for Dragons and Donuts!

Song: D Song

Play dominoes (and play with dominoes…and even dance with dominoes. 🙂 )

Day 2

Visit the Natural  History Museum to see some dinosaur bones.  We went to the LA Natural History Museum.  It’s free the first Tuesday of every month, except in July and August.  And recently they added every Tuesday of September is free as well.  Check here for more specifics and updated information. Parking in the lot near them is about $10, but there are side streets to park on for free with a short walk.  We parked one street down and had a less than five minute walk to the museum.  Well worth it to me.


Put out D words (door, drawer, desk, dishwasher…I highly recommend using masking or painting tape so nothing is ruined when  you pull it off)

Song: Sesame Street – Daddy Dear

Video: Sesame Street – Letter D

Day 3

Draw a picture for Daddy

Did a dissolving activity.  “What dissolves in water?” I used Emergen-C drink powder, rice, almonds, sugar, salt and a chewable vitamin (other options: flour, noodles, cornmeal, oatmeal, baking powder, baking soda, spices, plants, etc.)


I put out the bowls (and one glass for the Emergen-C since I knew we’d be drinking it).  A little spoon and let her drop a bit of each into the bowl.  Before dropping it in, I asked her if she thought it would dissolve.  Her response, always with a smile, was, “I don’t know.”  I loved that she was willing to say she didn’t know and didn’t feel like she was letting me down.  🙂  I hope that continues well into the future.


She had a lot of fun doing this.  The vitamin took a while to break down, but it was also interesting to see the color of the water change.  She also wanted to drink them.  So, I let her. 🙂  The salty water got a yuck.  The sugar water got a yum.  And the vitamin water got a, “It tastes like water.” I did not let her drink the rice or almond one.  Although later, when we were cleaning it up, she did want to eat an almond.  She liked that too.


I then thought to grab a piece of paper and draw a quick chart of what dissolved and what didn’t.  It was very basic: three rows and six columns.  I thought of it right then and just grabbed a paper and made it quickly.

First row title: Name of item — I wrote down the name of each item in each column. Second row title: Picture of item — she drew each of the items in each column. Third row title: Did it dissolve? (with a “yes” and a “no” in each column of this row).  She circled the correct answers when I asked her the question.  (Can see chart in picture at the top.)

Activity Sheet 1

Activity Sheet 2

Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Video: Sesame Street – D is for Dance

Day 4

Write a letter to a friend whose name begins with D

Put dots in a lowercase d block outline (see in picture at the top)  I was going to do the uppercase D as well but just ran out of time.  Here are some other ideas for filling them up with “d” things: duct tape, dirt, doilies.

Make a Q-Tip dandelion – blue construction paper, green pipe cleaner glued down as stem, cotton ball glued in the middle and Q-Tips around cotton ball (can dip Q-Tips or create a puddle of glue around cotton ball).

This turned out to be a bit difficult for her.  She didn’t quite understand the shape she was supposed to make with the Q-Tips.  I think if I’d drawn lines for her that would’ve worked better.  (see example in picture at the top)

Starfall Computer Activity

Video: Get Squiggling! Letter D

Video: Sesame Street – The Letter D

Day 5

Activity Sheet 3 and Activity Sheet 4

Song: D Is for Drums

D Dinner

Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with D.  Create a centerpiece and display the items.  This turned out to be really cute and provided good conversation at dinner.



Appetizer: Deviled Eggs and Dolmas (I know, weird combo.  She likes Trader Joe’s dolmas, and knew it started with a d, so she wanted to have those too. 🙂 )

For the eggs, she helped take the peels off and mix everything up.  I put it in a sandwich bag, cut off the corner and let her squeeze the egg mixture in.






Dinner: Salad with dijon dressing and dirty rice (I did not take a picture.  It’s really unappetizing looking. 🙂 )

Dessert: Debs

This is a family recipe, hence the name.  I’m not sure where the name comes from since it’s from my husband’s Australian side, but you can call it that too so you can use it for D week. 🙂  It’s basically a chocolate cake with a chocolate sauce/pudding underneath it.

But in looking it up, googling “floating chocolate cake” gets you similar recipes.  It is delicious, but I’m pretty sure I won’t make it again because there’s so much sugar!!!  Maybe I’ll search around for a less sugary version. We all loved it of course.  🙂  Here’s a similar recipe to the one I used (we did probably half this).


(Other food options: dates, doughnuts, dip, dill pickles, devil’s food cake, deer jerky, drumsticks, Danish, dumplings, deep dish pizza, double fudge brownies)
Bible Story: David and Goliath


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