Letter of the Week – Letter E


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One of my goals is to work on not controlling everything…it took a lot of will power not to unstaple and turn the one sheet around and not redo the stapling of the book for her.  (Note to self: be around when she’s stapling. 😉 )

Day 1

Put uppercase letter and lowercase letter (cursive and manuscript) on 12 circle stickers. Hide them around a room. Once she finds them, she puts them on a letter outline.

Color and assemble letter E book (I only chose the three pages I thought she would like most.)

Gather books from our bookshelves that relate to the letter E.

Song: E Eats Everything

Song: Everybody Has an E

Day 2

Fill in E outline and e outline with: envelopes she colored and cut out and an egg carton that she cut up and glued on.  See picture above. (Other options: cut out magazine pictures of eyes, eggshells, earth (ie dirt) )

Activity Sheet 1

Starfall Computer Activity

Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Day 3

Letter to a friend whose name starts with E

Electricity: count outlets, switches, lights and all the things we use that are plugged in.  I made a quick chart.  She drew pictures of all the items, and I showed her how to do simple tally marks. She ran from room to room counting.  I also put a total section at the bottom.  She wanted to write the numbers.  I didn’t even know she could write numbers!!  It was crazy.  I put the number next to hers after she’d written hers.  I was so blown away!  She also decided in the last column that the tally marks should have a little curve to them. 🙂

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Video: Get Squiggling!

Day 4

Eggs in a carton – plastic eggs with numbers on them and matching numbers written on the bottom of the carton (she also had fun putting money from her piggy bank into each…and playing with them in the bath.)

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Activity Sheet 2

Activity Sheet 3

Video: Exciting, Educational, Extraordinary, etc.

 Day 5

Video: Sesame Street: The Letter E

Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with the letter.  Create a centerpiece and display the items. She decided to draw 8’s…or at least her version of 8’s.  And glue them on the paper.

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E Dinner

Edamame and egg rolls (bought both ready to go)

Empanadas: I got puff pastry and made up the inside based on looking at recipes.  I had one with ground beef, onions, green beans, raisins (very little) and peas with cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg.  The other one was onions, bell peppers, green beans, cheddar cheese, tomato paste and salsa, with cumin and chili powder.  I cut the pastry dough in fourths and just made triangles.  I gave her one to roll out…even though it was already rolled out.  She had fun doing that, while I filled the other three.  She ended up doing a few on her own.

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The filling should be cold/slightly warm when you put it in.  They were really delicious!  And the next day, they were great cold as well.  Mine started to cook more on the bottom than the top, so they were a little doughier on top, which I loved. 🙂  There are much nicer ways to fold these, but I’m not one to spend anymore time necessary on something like this.


Apple empanadas: Cut up chunks of apples and mixed with sugar and cinnamon.  Put in dough and cooked.  Yum.

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While they cooked, she made her own “empanada” out of the pastry dough paper and a calendar card for spring. 🙂

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(Other food options: egg foo young, egg noodles, egg salad, elbow macaroni, elderberries, english muffins, enchilada casserole, earl gray tea, English shortbread, English toffee, éclair, ears of corn, egg drop soup)

Story of Exodus


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