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Thank You for the Smooth Transition

After having my second baby, I was reminded again of how wonderful it is for people to give their time to help. We had some great meals provided to us. And, my mom of course has helped tremendously, as always. Thanks, mom.

I look back, with regret, and think of all the friends and family I could’ve helped more. I had so much free time! In fact, I hope if I’d known, I would’ve been like my friend Stephenie.

There are people I wish I was more like. She’s definitely one of them.

She has gone above and beyond and truly exemplified the give way of life.

Being pregnant and having a 3 year old running around is hard, but add in a lot of all day morning sickness, and it’s a recipe for disaster. There was a lot more tv watching at our house and a lot more guilt as a mother. So little outdoor time, practically no socialization and all that tv watching. This was going on for months.

In stepped my friend. She, out of the blue, offered to have Annina hang out with her and her boys one day. Well, not so much offered, but asked if she could get Annina on a specific day.

This, I think this was key, and something I’ll have to remember. The asking made it feel like she really wanted her to join them and the specific day took away any planning on my part (and any feeling like I was a burden).

She did this a few times. It was such a blessing for me as it gave me time to wallow in my sickness without having to color or play. Nothing like lying sick on your bed and having a kid crawling all around you to make you wish for some alone time. 🙂

More importantly, it gave Annina a chance to get out and play with kids, which eased the guilt I felt not feeling well enough to leave the house for months.

After having the baby, Stephenie has kept it up. Taking Annina out and about. This time, the blessing has been some quiet time and a chance to focus on our new little guy.

It’s difficult to explain in words how much this has meant to me. Her example will, hopefully, stay with me when I’m past this little children stage and have time to do the same for moms with new babies.

So, thank you Stephenie for your time and love toward my family and your wonderful example of the give way of life.

And thank you to all who’ve helped me transition to being a mom of two. You know who you are! I couldn’t have done it so smoothly without all your help.


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