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Letter of the Week – Letter B

Day 1

Put letter B and b (cursive and manuscript) on 12 circle stickers.  Hide them in a room.  Once she finds them, she puts them on letter B outline. (I used printed ones for this, but they were too big.  By the letter D, I just made small handwritten letters on card stock to put the stickers on).

Letter B book (I only chose three of the pages I thought she would like most.)

Starfall Computer Activity

Have a BBQ

Day 2

Make a bird out of a paper plate and glue feathers on it. (regular paper plate folded in half, put a beak and feet on it.)

Make a bead butterfly and bracelets (pipe cleaners/chenille sticks with beads)  This kept her busy for a very long time.  She did it a few times during the week.  I thought I had a picture of the butterfly, but I don’t.  It was two bracelets tied together with another pipe cleaner. (See picture above for image for bracelet.)

Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Sesame Street BB King and the Letter B

Day 3

Activity sheet 1

Activity sheet 2

Play with a ball (kicking and catching)

Have a bug bath  (Got all the plastic bugs she had and threw them in the bath.)

The Princess and the Bee

Get Squiggling! Letter B

Day 4

Activity sheet 3

Activity sheet 4

Put up labels for B words around the house (basket, ball, bed, bassinet, book).  She did this.  She loves doing this.  I’d recommend using masking tape and not putting it on windows.

house label basket

Sesame Street: I Love the Letter B

Day 5

Play with bubbles: Put out a bucket with dish soap and and a whisk

B Is for Brilliant

Sesame Street: Dixie Chicks and Muppets No Letter Better

B Dinner

Appetizers: Bruschetta

Dinner: broccoli, bread (pita), beef kofta (I know, doesn’t look very pretty, but it’s delicious!)


Dessert: Blueberry Cobbler

(Other food options: biscuits, beans, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, beef, brownies, bacon, burritos, banana, banana pudding, beef stew, broccoli salad, bok choy, bacon, buffalo wings, bagels, brownies, baklava, bologna, bbq, bratwurst, brown rice, baked beans)

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