Letter of the Week – Letter U


Day 1

  1. Find u stickers and put on U (She’s basically over this activity.  So, I have discontinued it.  I think maybe it was too easy, but if I made it harder, it was too hard. 🙂 )
  2. Color and assemble Letter U Book
  3. Go to library and get u books
  4. Put out U words (umbrella…I highly recommend using masking or painting tape so nothing is ruined when  you pull it off)
  5. Starfall Computer Activity
  6. Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Day 2

  1. Fill in U Outline and u Outline with: she chose to draw ukuleles and umbrellas (other ideas: utensils (plastic), uniorns, u’s, u-boats, underwater scene)
  2. Upside down drawing (tape paper under her table and let her draw)
  3. Video: Sesame Street and the Letter U

Day 3

  1. U Toss — horseshoes
  2. Umbrella Picture made from cupcake liners – I glued down the cupcake liners and drew handles.  I told her to draw the scene.
    Letter of the Week - Letter U
  3. Activity Sheet 1
  4. Activity Sheet 2
  5. Video: Get Squiggling!

Day 4

  1. Letter to a friend whose name starts with U
  2. Up and down – play with keeping a balloon up
  3. Her older cousins were here and wanted to build some U Lego. Her 9 year old cousin came up with these.
    Letter of the Week - Letter U
    Letter of the Week - Letter U
  4. Activity Sheet 3
  5. Activity Sheet 4

Day 5

  1. Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with the letter. I also strung up something to eat under. (We had my parents over, that’s why it was a little fancier than usual. 🙂 )
    Letter of the Week - Letter U
    Create a centerpiece and display the items. We found “ugly” things and put something upside down.
    Letter of the Week - Letter U
  2. U Dinner
    Appetizers: cashews and  umbrella fruity drink – cut pineapple slices in half to make it U-shaped (last minute trip to the store did not produce umbrellas for drink, so I got little cupcake liners and put them on a toothpick)
    Soup: Udon Noodle Soup (I used these, but both were too spicy for me! My husband said they weren’t spicy at all.  So…)
    Dinner: U-Shaped meatloaf patties, green beans placed in a u-shape and elbows with olive oil and dried tomatoes.
    Dessert: I can’t remember! I should’ve done this earlier!  Oops! As my mom said, it must have been “unmemorable!” Ba-dump-bump 😉
  3. Letter of the Week - Letter UOther options: ugli fruit, unleavened bread, uncooked food, upside down cake, eat under the table
  4. Bible Story: Uriah, Uzziah


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