Historical Fiction: Lewis and Clark/Louisiana Territory


[This is a subtopic of The West and also part of an ongoing series of historical fiction book lists for students and teachers. For the full list and to see more info, click here.]

 Lower Grades (K-3)

  1. Bad River Boys: A Meeting of the Lakota Sioux with Lewis and Clark-Sneve (4.6/0.5)
  2. The Crossing-Napoli (3.6/0.5)
  3. Mack-Sargent (4.4/0.5)
  4. My Name Is York-Van Steenwyk (4.4/0.5)
  5. Sacagawea’s Strength-Deutsch (4.6/2)
  6. Seaman’s Journal: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark-Eubank (4.4/0.5)

 Middle Grades (4-8)

  1. Bold Journey: West with Lewis and Clark-Bohner (5.5/6)
  2. The Codfish Musket-Hewes (7.3/20)
  3. Cross-Country with Lewis and Clark-Smith (4.0/3)
  4. Girl of the Shining Mountains: Sacagawea’s Story-Roop (5.5/6)
  5. John Colter: The First Mountain Man-Boga (3.2/1)
  6. The Journal of Augustus Pelletier: The Lewis & Clark Expedition-Lasky (5.6/6)
  7. The Journey Home-Hamilton (6.5/1)
  8. Lewis & Clark-Bertozzi (2.9/1) (graphic novel)
  9. Lewis and Clark…and Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha-Scieszka (3.5/1)
  10. Lewis and Clark and me: A Dog’s Tale-Myers (4.0/1)*
  11. My Travels with Capts. Lewis and Clark, by George Shannon-McMullan (4.5/8)
  12. Ride Like an Indian-Lopez (5.1/3)
  13. Sacajawea-Bruchac (5.7/8)
  14. Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and Clark-Karwoski (6.0/9)
  15. Streams to the River, River to the Sea: A Novel of Sacagawea-O’Dell (4.8/7)
  16. Truth About Sacajawea-Thomasma (7.0/3)  NF
  17. Uncharted-Hapka (5.8/7)

 Middle Grades+ (6+)

  1.  The Captain’s Dog: My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe-Smith (5.8/8)

 Upper Grades (9-12)

  1. Eclipse: A Novel of Lewis and Clark-Wheeler (6.9/15)
  2. New Found Land: Lewis and Clark’s Voyage of Discovery-Wolf (5.5/13) NF
  3. This Vast Land: A Young Man’s Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition-Ambrose (6.6/9)
  4. Through the Wilderness-Mullin (3.1/1)


Painting: Cordelling the Red Pirogue — White Cliffs of the Missouri, May 1805. Oil on canvas by Charles Fritz.

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