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Historical Fiction: Texas Revolution/Mexican-American War

[This is a subtopic of The West and also part of an ongoing series of historical fiction book lists for students and teachers. For the full list and to see more info, click here.]

Lower Grades (K-3)

  1. Grady-Sargent (4.1/.5)
  2. Francisca Alvarez: The Angel of Goliad-Egan (5.3/0.5)

 Middle Grades (4-8)

  1. The Alamo Cat-Kerr (4.4/1)
  2. All for Texas: A Story of Texas Liberation-Wisler (5.3/5)
  3. At the Battle of San Jacinto with Rip Cavitt-Carter (4.1/2)
  4. Blood in Water: A Story of Friendship During the Mexican War-Dell (5.8/1)
  5. BSpirit of the Cimarron: Bonita-Duey (5.7/3)
  6. Clouds over Texas-Matthews (5.2/5)
  7. Davy’s Dawg-Matthews (4.9/1)
  8. A Fair Wind to Glory-Townsend (5.9/7)
  9. The Giant Rat of Sumatra: Or Pirates Galore-Fleischman (4.5/4)
  10. Girl of the Alamo-Kerr (4.3/2)
  11. The Great Texas Scare-Jones (4.1/2)
  12. I Remember the Alamo-Love (3.9/5)
  13. The Immortal Thirty-Two: Thirty Men from Gonzales Answered the Plea from the Alamo-Kerr (4.7/2)
  14. Journey to San Jacinto-Cuate (4.6/4) (Texas Revolution)
  15. A Line in the Sand:  The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence-Garland* (5.6/6)
  16. A Promise at the Alamo: The Story of a Texas Girl-Hoobler (4.4/1)
  17. Remember the Alamo!-Mercati (3.5/1)
  18. Remember the Alamo! The Runaway Scrape Diary of Belle Wood: Austin’s Colony, Texas 1835-1836-Rogers (5.4/5)
  19. Sarah’s Flag for Texas-Knapik (6.1/5)
  20. Standoff: Remembering the Alamo-Trumbauer (3.8/0.5)
  21. Texas Footprints-Kerr (4.3/3)
  22. Texas Rose-Kerr (4.7/2)
  23. When the Corn Grows Tall in Texas-McDonald (4.2/1)

Middle Grades+ (6+)

  1. In the Shadow of the Alamo-Garland (6.2/10)

Upper Grades (9-12)

  1. Gone for Soldiers: A Novel of the Mexican War-Shaara (6.8/28)

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