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Letter of the Week – Letter Q

Day 1

  1. Find q stickers and put on Q
  2. Color and assemble Letter Q Book
  3. Go to library and get q books
  4. Video: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

Day 2

  1. Fill in Q Outline and q Outline with: quilt pieces and question marks (Other options: q-tips, queens, quarter rubbings)
    Letter of the Week - Letter Q
  2. Talked about quintuplets — #5, look at pictures, pretend have five babies
  3. She used her pie pieces from P Week and we talked about a quarter of it being 1/4.
  4. Video: Get Squiggling!

Day 3

  1. Walk around like a duck quacking
  2. Did a questions game — ask questions was basically it. Haha!
  3. Make a quilt — Lego one (with a queen on it 🙂 )
    Letter of the Week - Letter Q
  4. Starfall computer activity
  5. Activity Sheet 1
  6. Activity Sheet 2
  7. Video: Sesame Street and the Letter Q

Day 4

  1. Quietly and loudly – clapping, screaming, yelling, stomping, singing
  2. Pretended to be a queen.  She used her crown from K Week when she was a King Queen. 🙂
  3. Activity Sheet 3
  4. Activity Sheet 4
  5. Song: QU

Day 5

  1. Gather up any toys (animals are especially great for this) that start with the letter.  Create a centerpiece and display the items.
  2. Q dinner
    Dinner: Quiche (crustless quiche, which my husband said is a frittata, but we’ll just call it quiche) I basically just fried up a ton of ground beef and put in broccoli and a bunch of spices that I don’t remember right now.  It was super delicious!  I should’ve written it down.
    Letter of the Week - Letter QDessert: Q Cookies (After making this quiche, I was out of eggs, so I used this recipe! They turned out pretty good.  Crumbly, but good.)  She used frosting to make Q’s (really good fine motor skill activity!)
    Letter of the Week - Letter Q(Other food options: quail, quesadillas, queen’s bread, quinoa, Q shaped ______)

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