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No, Seriously: Time for a Change

Well, I consider it an accomplishment that it hasn’t taken an entire year for me to act on my previous post. In its first incarnation, this site was about trying to be giving every day.  Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how I can give to others while giving much of my time to my toddler.

One thing I hope to do is find opportunities to thank those in my life who are giving of themselves.  It happens everyday.  So, I’d like to start noticing it more and publicly thanking people.  These stories will both help me keep an attitude of thankfulness, as well as highlighting great ways to be giving.

Beyond that, my main focus for the moment is going to be on giving what I have: teacher stuff.  I have a ton of educational materials I’ve accumulated over the years that I’m sure many teachers and homeschooling parents will find helpful.  Since I’m not currently teaching (well, not middle school anyway…I’m finding preschool just as challenging), I figured I would share them here for others to access and hopefully put to use.

Also, as I travel down this parenting and homeschooling road, I’ve come across wonderful resources, books, and information that I can hopefully share.

Finally, I’ll try to keep note of my lessons learned along the way.  They may be more practical than profound — but hey, so am I. 🙂

So, here we go: The Give Way 2.0.  So far you can find two book reviews I wrote for other websites.  One was written before my daughter was around, this book is constantly in the back of my mind, as it now influences my daily decision to let her play in mud and otherwise get filthy outside.  The other was posted just yesterday, about a new book that has made an crucial difference to how I think about kids and students.  (Of course, I’m pretty sure that one took me three to four times as long to finish, now that I have a little kid running around!)

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

Lesson Learned: When writing notes in a book, don’t let your toddler see you or they will want to do the same.  Then again, why not just think of it as enthusiasm for writing?  The margins need a little extra scribble, right? 🙂

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