Tot School: Airplane Theme

It’s been over two years since I did this theme.  I got pregnant that year and a lot of my tot school posts went to the wayside. So, I figured at least I could post the pictures I have.

We were planning a trip on a plane.  She was 2ish, and hated things of hers being taken away.  So, I figured it might be helpful to talk a lot about the airport experience and prepare her for the loss of her stuff for a little while and during the security check.

We did some dramatic play with her dolls going through the airport.

Going through the metal detector.


Sitting in the plane.

Flying away!

Fun plane theme…I was trying for a run way with that yellow shaving cream.

On our way!  By the way, we were loaned this car seat/stroller.  It was awesome!!

Kid earphones are really great!

A little stop by the cockpit when we boarded. She’s showing them her airplane.  It was hard to find a real looking plane.  Most definitely look like toys. We ended up finding it at a gift shop at the airport.  I just checked Amazon and found this one — I don’t think I was so quick to look on Amazon back then. 🙂

We ended up having a two hour delay sitting on the tarmac!! It ended up being a great trip otherwise.

We also had a dramatic play airplane party — super fun!

Here’s the info I’ve put together for traveling with kids…including a bunch of activities that I ended up taking with us. Travel With Kids Pinterest Board

Here’s my Airplane Theme Pinterest Board for my inspiration and more ideas.






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