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Thank You, You’ve Saved Me A LOT of Money

Giving — it’s not always an easy task, especially if what you’re giving away could potentially make you money (or at least be written off on your taxes).  It is also often a thankless task (especially if someone like me forgets to express my deep gratitude!).

So this one is for all the people who have given (and continue to give) me bags of hand-me-down clothes, shoes, toys, unused diapers, books, and other baby stuff.  I’ve rarely had to buy any clothes, let alone toys.  (This is not to mention all the new clothes and new toys and books she’s been given!)  This is also in addition to all the stuff I started to give away over the last ten years, since I felt like such a crazy person keeping all this baby stuff for a then non-existent baby.  🙂  My family and friends are sooooo generous!

An added bonus: my friends and family have awesome taste in clothes…and buy quality items and worthwhile toys!

Hand Me DownsHand me down: clothes, bouncy thing (is there a specific name for that?), book and play mat.  We didn’t even buy that BBQ back there!  (Thanks, Kirstie!)

I’m not sure how I would have gotten through the last two years without all these great blessings.  So, I thank you, my husband thanks you (although he may not know it since it’s the absence of credit card bills that he’s thankful for, well, more credit card bills ;)), and my daughter of course thanks you too.  We appreciate all you’ve done for us and for the wonderful example of giving — and we continue to strive to be like you.

So, to Anja, Brittany, Deborah, Diana, Diane, Charlotte, Corrine, Eleanor, Gina, Jamie, Jane, Jody, Julie, Karrie, Kim, Kirstie, Krissy M., Krissy P., Lupi, Rachel, Sarah, Shanna, Sherry, Stephenie, and Tara:

Thank you all for choosing “the give way”!!

P.S. If I forgot anyone, I thank you too!  I’m sure I’ll remember when I look in her closet or look at her toys.  Then I’ll be horrified.  Then I’ll add you. 🙂  Or you could just tell me, I can be horrified, and then I’ll add you. 🙂


  • Kris

    And THANK YOU for being so generous and passing it on. As I look at my living room covered in toys I can identify the same feelings of gratitude at other’s thoughtfulness.

    • admin

      You’re welcome…and sorry I didn’t help clean. I realized that after I’d left that I should have helped clean. It’s amazing how much more two kids can do than just one, even when one is a baby. 🙂

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