Historical Fiction: Ancient India


[Part of an ongoing series of historical fiction book lists for students and teachers. For the full list and to see more info, click here.]

Lower Grades (K-3)

  1. The Elephant Dancer: A Story of Ancient India-Gunderson (2.9/0.5)
  2. The Horse on the Hill: A Story of Ancient IndiaGunderson (3.2/0.5)
  3. The Little Brown Jay: A Tale from India-Claire (3.4/0.5)
  4. The King’s Warrior: A Story of Ancient IndiaGunderson (3.1/0.5)
  5. One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale-Demi (4.6/0.5)
  6. The Servant and the Water Princess: A Story of Ancient India-Gunderson (3.0/0.5)
  7. The Token Gift-McKibbon (4.9/0.5)

 Middle Grades (4-8)

  1. The Iron Ring-Alexander (4.8/10)
  2. In Defense of the Realm-Deshpande (4.6/2) (graphic novel)
  3. The Rajah’s Rice-Barry (5.0/0.5)

Middle Grade + (6+)

  1. Island’s End-Venkatraman (5.0/7) (set in modern time, but descriptive of ancient culture)

 Upper Grades (9-12)

  1. Siddhartha-Hesse (7.1/6)



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